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Sample site for testing

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That is what Picwhizz does

Picwhizz eliminates all the hassle by submitting the video/photo for you. And at a VERY nominal cost. If you're worth even $1 an hour, then using Picwhizz is going to make you money!


But We Do Even More

With our 17 years of experience with SEO, we KNOW how to get the most mileage out of photo/video distribution. We allow you to choose the titles and keywords then we use those to randomize the titles to avoid any kind of over-optimization by not using the exact same anchor text on all the submissions, we also make sure the titles are the optimum length and focus on the titles and meta tags allowed with each submission so not only can your video be found in a search but it also helps generate keyword focused backlinks to the url you provide.



We have a total of 50 video sharing sites,(and we’re always adding more), including all the most popular ones, making Picwhizz the most comprehensive service of this type on the web. You can select one, all of them or any combination that meets your requirement and budget. We have categorized all the sites and given them a rating based on daily traffic the site gets and the Page Rank of the sharing site. 

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No Spamming!

Every submission we make is done using the sharing sites API or it’s done manually. We don’t auto-generate any submission. Each submission is reviewed by a team leader to ensure it is properly submitted using your chosen keywords before the submission is done. The only downside to this “white hat” process is that it takes time.  We usually ask for a 7 day turnaround. This is a necessity since we do it by hand but it is good for you because most service providers that offer video/photo submission do it with software that submits all in mere seconds and that is a sure-fire way to get red flags raised!..

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But there’s even more we do for you.  We also solve the problem of analytics for you. For each platform you need to set up accounts to be able to see when and how many times your video was loaded by whom, when and from where. This information can be crucial to your marketing efforts but it is a real pain in setting them up and reading them. We aggregate all that data and put into an easy to read format that you can download and store for your analysis or it can be sent to you in an email at regular intervals.

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Video Production

Picwhizz can help! We offer production for as little as $150 per video.

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100% Guarantee

If we fail to deliver anything less than exactly what you ordered, we will refund all your money or give you double the order at no charge. That is your choice !

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