Sample site for testing

Sample site for testing

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We guarantee that your video/photo will be submitted to the exact number of sites you choose. Of course we can’t control anyone else’s site so we can’t guarantee that their site will always be working properly or that they display your content properly. But we do control our business and if you order 5 platinum sites you will get 5 platinum sites ! If you order 100 sites you will get 100 submissions within the 7 days we require.

If we fail to deliver anything less than exactly what you ordered, we will refund all your money or give you double the order at no charge. That is your choice, even if we’re only short by one !

To proceed just select the link to the page you want. You can go directly to the order form or you can go to our FAQ’s if you have more questions. You can even email me personally if you have more questions.

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