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PICWhizz - Frequently asked questions and their answers

(this page is provided as a sample you can use on your site if you wish. To answer frequently asked questions from potential partners, we’ve provided answers to most of those questions on the “How It Works” page,

1. What is PicWhizz?

PICWhizz is a Video Distributing tool, you can upload Video with click of a Button and have it optimized and submitted to up to 50 quality Video Promotion sites such as YouTube, Face book, Daily Motion etc.,

2. I don’t know how to make videos. Where do I start?

You can upload videos recorded from you Video Camera, Handy cam, Mobile, You can record video from any video recording tool and upload the file to our order page.

3. What are the recommended settings for uploading a video?

Video can be in normally acceptable FLB, MP4 or can be converted using the link provided in >your site’s name< website in FLB or any other acceptable format in Image/Video promotional websites.

4. How do I upload a Video?

Just select the video file on computer, upload the video with the button that says “upload your video” from the order page.

5. Can I upload multiple videos to your website?

Yes, you can upload multiple videos by simply selecting, “yes I want to add another video” in the order form.

6. Where would get back-links from? Video Sharing sites where my video was submitted or only from the >your site’s name< site?

(your site’s name), provides no link of any kind. Any link to the url you target would come only from the sites where we had submitted your video, from any online site where you mentioned it, (such as your social media accounts), or from a third party mentioning your video’ location. We have no control over any site other than our own and we do not provide links to our customers without your permission. Keep in mind though that to get the most reach from your video you want other people linking to it.

7. What are the prices for uploading the videos and you handling the distribution and optimization?

(your site’s name), offers a variety of options allowing you to select the number and the visibility of sites you want your video shared on. Our prices are clearly reflected within each option we offer . Prices are per submission and determined by the page rank and number of page views of a particular video sharing site, so it depends on the number of sites and the quality and reach of the sites you select. We offer significant discounts within “packages” intended to offer the most exposure for the lowest cost.

8. Can I use PICWhizz for commercial purposes?

Absolutely ! While we do have clients that want to share personal photos and video’s, the purpose of this service is to reduce the investment of resources, time and money involved in the promotion of your service, product or idea.

9. How do I get people to watch my videos?

Of course we can’t guarantee anyone will watch your video, we can only guarantee that all submissions that you ordered will be completed. The best way to increase the chances of your target market watching your video is to use relevant titles and descriptions that accurately and honestly describe the subject matter of your video. If you’re not sure how to write optimized titles, description and identifying tags don’t worry. We do that for you.

It’s important because the way people find videos to watch is by searching for keywords related to their topic of interest and search engines offer videos based on the tags used to describe the video since they can’t read video content.

10. Is (your site’s name) available in other languages besides English?

Currently the service is available only in English but you can upload Videos/ Images and title description in any languages of your choice, however, you need to provide the language for the title, description and appropriate tags as we do not have translators at this time.

11. Can I have more than one account?

You can have as many accounts as you want for submitting Videos/ Images.

12. Will my videos ever be deleted?

(your site’s name) does not delete videos but we do not control any third party site. All we can do is submit your content in accordance with the terms of service of each submission site. We can not guarantee anything done on a third party site as that site is free to change their terms of service, sell or merge the company or for any other reason.

13. How can I edit my Videos?

Once uploaded Videos cannot be edited by us, you would have to make a request in each particular video sharing site. Some video sharing sites do allow editing by their members and others do not once content is submitted and accepted. We can’t tell you whether you can edit a submitted video until you’ve placed the order and we know which sites it was submitted to.

14. How do I delete my account?

You can delete your account with (your site’s name) by simply by clicking a delete button. If you wish to delete your account from a video sharing site where your content is displayed, you need to login to your account and delete it from there. We provide you with all logins and passwords for any member account we create for you and we securely store that info as well. We will help all we can if you wish to delete your account, however we can’t guarantee that all third party sites will offer the ability to delete your account, therefore we can’t take responsibility or accept any liability for what actions a third party may take or what features they offer.

15. How do I add voice to my Video?

If you recorded your video with voice then you don’t need to add another, while recording from an online website tool, you can speak into the microphone of your device and your computer would record the audio file along with the video file.

16. I am told my Video cannot be published as it has inappropriate content in it. Why is that?

(your site’s name) has listed some restrictions in it’s terms of service but we don’t police content. The restrictions we have in place are there because those are restrictions the vast majority of sharing sites have. Also, most of the restrictions are basic common sense and based on general business etiquette. If you have content that promotes content outside of the accepted restrictions, contact us and we’ll review it and tell you what we can or can not do.

17. Can I keep my video content private?

Of course you can. Just don’t submit it to any other site. But what would be the point in paying to promote a video you wanted to keep private?

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