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Video SEO services we provide for you:

#1. Create a Video Sitemap and submit it to Google

The best way to appear in Google's blended search results is to submit your video to Google using a Video Sitemap. This is similar to an XML sitemap, but is formatted specifically for video, and only contains information about your video content. It is submitted using Google's Webmaster Tools.

We will create the code and email it to you so you can create yourgoogle webmaster account and submit the sitemap we send. (we can do it for you if you prefer).

#2. Create a robots.txt to be placed on each video page.

This ensures that Google can easily verify that the locations on the Web you've submitted do in fact exist, and that they contain embed codes which indicate the presence of a video.

Again, depending on who and where the hosting of videos will be, we'll create the robots.txt file and either install it if we have access to the specific video page or send the file to you.

#3. Title and Title Tags

When ranking videos, Google primarily considers the match between search keywords and the video title. Although Google allows you to submit other meta-data such as description and keywords, these currently don't have as much influence on your search ranking. Google likes it when the title tag of the page matches the title of the video, and will give a higher weighting for results where this is the case.

We will create multiple title tags for each video. If we are submitting 2 -10 videos we will use 2 variations making sure the target term is used. For example, if the target term is home loans, we would make one title Home Loans, another title would be Fast Approval Home Loans.

For 10 to 50 videos we'll create up to 5 variations. Home loans. Get a Home Loan, Home Loans with Fast Approval, Easy Qualify Home Loans, Home Loans that are Fast and Easy.

#4. Embed Code

Allow other users access to the coding that will allow them to embed the video on their website or blog. This can help gain valuable back links and shares that will boost rankings in search engines.

Make it easy for the video to gain links by adding an embed video code for each video and each variation of title. We'll make sure the embed code is on each video we submit.

#5. Syndication

RSS feeds have millions of subscribers who each find content based on keywords.

We submit each unique video title to RSS feeds and syndicate the videos to drive exposure across various online platforms..

#6. Install tracking codes

Tracking stats is what will increase repeat orders.

We add tracking to each unique video title and we send a tracking report to you for each order after 15 days and once every 30 days from then on for up to one year. This report will include things like: views, downloads, click thrus, shares, retweets, total number of followers, etc.

#7. Social Media Distribution

Video directories and the links from social media are very effective in SEO.

We will distribute each unique video title to a wide variety of social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. using your account info, but if you don't already have a profile set up in a specific platform, we will create one and forward the login details to you. We just do the work on your behalf but the account and the content belong to you!

#8. Success/Failure Reports

This is how you know the submissions were done and done right.

With each submission we will get a confirmation that the video uploaded successfully or if it failed. If it fails we add more submissions until we meet or exceed the number of sites ordered..

We then send the confirmations along with the link to the listing to you so it can be verified.

All this work for as little as $2 per site.

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